Personal Data

SOFTLINE A/S only uses personal data that is necessary for the delivery of products to private persons. By approving these terms and conditions, the recipient gives implicit consent to SOFTLINE A/S collecting, processing and storing the recipient’s name, address, telephone number and email address. SOFTLINE A/S also uses a number of third parties to deliver products, and these parties only process personal data on behalf of SOFTLINE A/S.

SOFTLINE A/S has established organisational and technical measures to ensure that personal data is not made public, disclosed to third parties, misused or otherwise processed contrary to the law.

SOFTLINE A/S stores personal data for the period of time permitted by law, after which it is deleted. The length of this period depends on the nature of the personal data and the reason for storing it. The Danish Data Protection Act (Persondataloven) gives data subjects the right to access the data about them which SOFTLINE A/S stores. The right of access means that the person concerned is entitled to be informed whether SOFTLINE A/S stores information about them, which information is stored and for what purpose. If a data subject wishes to make use of this right, they can contact the company from which they purchased the product.

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