The CALETO chair is designed with a focus on creating an ergonomic backrest support that provides the best possible comfort in various seating positions and user scenarios. The timeless design is clean and minimalistic and works well in many different environments, like the private dining room, by the desk at home or at the office, in meeting rooms or at restaurants. On the outside of the shell it looks like the upholstery moves in an inch on the lower part, and on the inside of the shell you can se how this detail is translated into a soft and round convex shape that adapts to your back and adds support to your lumbar region. This functional construction of the seat shell creates a light and airy overall appearance. The CALETO chair is available with four different base solutions.

Winner of Green Good Design Award 2023

DESIGNER Sascha Sartory / 2022
CHAIR L 23.62 D 21.26 H 30.31 SH 18.50 SD 16.54 in
Removable covers.
Cleaning: Covers can be dry cleaned, as they have been given the symbol P.
Extra covers can be purchased if you need a new colour or fabric.

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