DIAL is inspired by an old school telephone booth, and the innovative design meets the continuously increasing need for being ”private in public”. DIAL can help create the physical and mental private room in public spaces necessary in order to relax and concentrate on what is important in the moment – be it a Skype call with a colleague, FaceTime with a loved one or simply just the need to close your eyes for at moment and focus on the upcoming task, travel or an important meeting. DIAL is fully upholstered on the inside and outside, making it soft and inviting, and depending of the choice of fabric it can be customised to suit all kinds of environments in public spaces.

Winner of Green Good Design Award 2023

DESIGNER Busk+Hertzog / 2022
PHONE BOOTH L 84,5 D 66,5 H 23.23 in
Removable covers.
Cleaning: Covers can be dry cleaned, as they have been given the symbol P.
Extra covers can be purchased if you need a new colour or fabric.

(Product-related downloads: Images, 3D Files, Product Data Sheets, Care and Maintenance, Certificates and Assembly)


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