XO Fix

Your perfect sidekick
XO tables are airy and elegant. Choose between the XO with a fixed height or the adjustable version. The asymmetrical placement of the table leg allows the table to be placed over the seating area of almost any sofa or chair imaginable. The shape of the tabletop is designed to match different user scenarios depending on if you need at the side table or a work table for your iPad or laptop. On the height-adjustable version, the height of the table can be adjusted in one move.

DESIGNER Busk+Hertzog / 2018
TABLE SQUARE L 15.75 D 15.75 H 22.05 in
TABLE TRAPEZ L 52,5 D 15.75 H 22.05 in
TABLE ROUND Ø 43,5 H 22.05 in

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