Sustainable sourcing of durable materials is an essential part of the philosophy at SOFTLINE. The majority of our materials and components are sourced from established manufacturers in Europe mainly – ensuring traceability, high quality and the lowest possible environmental impact. In essence, we strive to ensure sustainable high-quality products that are made to last.


The majority of the SOFTLINE furniture has removable covers that allow for easy cleaning or replacement. At SOFTLINE, we make it possible for our customers to replace spare parts if needed to prolong the life of the furniture, thereby minimizing the environmental impact over time. Some of our furniture is constructed in a way that requires professional help for replacing covers and spare parts. Please contact your local SOFTLINE merchant for assistance.

By the end of the life cycle of our furniture, the disassembly process allows you to recycle the individual materials and give them new life. If guidance is needed, please contact your local SOFTLINE merchant.


The following information is only intended as a general guideline – for more information on specific care and stain removal, please contact your local SOFTLINE merchant.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of upholstered furniture is important to retain the look of the upholstery fabric, as well as making it last as long as possible.

Felt fabric: vacuum often
Smooth fabric: vacuum often and brush if needed
Vinyl: wipe with a damp cloth regularly

Stain removal
Acting quickly is paramount – otherwise the stain can cause permanent damage. Do not rub firmly on the material as this can damage the fabric and the colour. We always recommend using neutral detergent dissolved in lukewarm water to clean surfaces. Please only use a detergent that is recommend for the specific surface and material. Always test stain-removal agents on a small, inconspicuous area before proceeding.

Multiple or larger stains require special treatment and techniques. Therefore, it is always recommended to contact a professional furniture dry cleaner before trying to remove a larger stain yourself.

Covers with the symbol P can be dry cleaned – please note that we do not recommend washing removable covers. No matter what, we recommend contacting a professional dry cleaner or your local SOFTLINE merchant for guidance.

To prolong the lifespan of your furniture, it’s possible to order new covers for almost every piece of SOFTLINE furniture in our collection.

All SOFTLINE textiles are recyclable – please check the recycle options at your local recycle centre.


The lifespan of outdoor furniture will vary depending on how often it’s used and the local weather conditions. To reduce sun damage, please consider limiting exposure to direct sunlight when possible. If the furniture is placed on wet soil or ground, it will be damaged over time. We recommend that all outdoor furniture is protected and stored in a dry, ventilated space during winter.

For detailed maintenance guidance regarding specific products and/or fabrics, please view our product data sheets and/or fabric cards.