Sophisticated minimalism
Use the sofa alone or combine sofa and chaise longue for a large, beautiful corner sofa. It’s one sofa with three functions. The adjustable backrest makes LOUNGE extremely comfortable, and the sofa and chaise longue feels great to sit on – and is a dream for sleeping. The LOUNGE series also consists of a pouf that can be transformed into a bed by flipping the seating surface. The comfort is superb, and it’s easy to handle.

DESIGNER Müller & Wulff / 2005
CORNER SOFA L 119.29 D 72.05 H 29.53 SH 15.75 in
Bed: 62.99 x 77.95 in
Bed: 61.02 x 76.77 in
3-P SOFA L 77.95 D 37.80 H 29.53 SH 15.75 in
Bed: 33.46/62.99 x 77.95 in
CHAISE LONGUE L 72.05 D 41.34 H 29.53 SH 15.75 in
Bed: 61.02 x 76.77 in
ARMREST L 3.54 D 39.76 H 22.44

Removable covers.
Cleaning: Covers can be dry cleaned, as they have been given the symbol P.
Extra covers can be purchased if you need a new colour or fabric.

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