OPERA Partition Wall

The OPERA collection, which already consists of sofas, armchairs, poufs and a modular system in a number of sizes and variations, has been extended with a partition wall in the same timeless, compact and international design language. With the addition of the partition wall, it is now possible to create smaller areas that are enclosed and shielded, creating a private and defined space that can serve as a room in the room for meetings or for working undisturbed in peace. The partition wall allows for entirely new ways of using and combining the OPERA elements in public spaces, as they connect seamlessly with the OPERA seating elements. This allows you to easily add the partition walls when needed – and efficiently move and store them, as they take up minimal space when not in use.

DESIGNER Busk+Hertzog / 2022
WALL L 48.43 D 11.81/1.97 H 52.76 in
Removable covers.
Cleaning: Covers can be dry cleaned, as they have been given the symbol P.
Extra covers can be purchased if you need a new colour or fabric.

(Product-related downloads: Images, 3D Files, Product Data Sheets, Care and Maintenance, Certificates and Assembly)